Instuction Courses Accepted for AIOC-2018

S.No ICNo Title Section Membership No. Chief Instructor Co Instructors
1 IC33 Solving Refractive Conondrums in Cataract Surgery : IOL Grand Rounds Cataract -> Intra Ocular Lenses V02959 Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant,Dr.Lajja Shastri,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Shail
2 IC35 Challenging Phacoemulsification Cases: Combining Techniques and Technology Cataract -> Complications M08325 Dr.Minu M Mathen Dr.Minu M Mathen,Dr.Rengaraj Venkatesh,Dr.Amit Porwal,Dr.Haripriya Aravind,Dr.Manas Kumar Ghosh,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava,Dr.Suven Bhattacharjee
3 IC36 small incision cataract surgery-tips and tricks to give spectacle free 20/20 vision to the patients Cataract -> SICS P10550 Dr.Ragini Hasmukuray Parekh Dr.Ragini Hasmukuray Parekh,Dr.Lahane Tatyarao Pundlikrao,Dr.Parikshit Gogate,Dr.Santosh Shankar Bhide
4 IC37 Microbial Keratitis : How has new evidence changed the management Cornea -> Corneal Infections S05577 Dr.Namrata Sharma Dr.Namrata Sharma,Dr.Ritu Arora,Dr.Samar Kumar Basak,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Rajesh Fogla,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal
5 IC39 ROP- Screening and management of a preventable disease- All you wanted to know about it. Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others G03236 Dr.Gopal Lingam Dr.Gopal Lingam,Dr.Parijat Chandra,Dr.Anand Vinekar,Prof.Mangat R Dogra,Dr.karobi rani lahiri,Dr.Subhadra Jalali
6 IC40 DME Management - Unanswered Questions Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Medical Retina J10204 Dr.Chaitra Jayadev Dr.Santosh Gopi Krishna Gadde,Dr.Mahesh Shanmugam P,Dr.Dhananjay Shukla,Prof.Mangat R Dogra,Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Atul Kumar
7 IC53 Current concepts in Management of Amblyopia Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Non surgical management D08087 Prof.Subhash Dadeya Prof.Subhash Dadeya,Dr.Ashok Kumar Khurana,Prof.Yogesh Shukla,Prof.Goyal J L,Dr.SAVLEEN KAUR
8 IC54 PEARLS & PITFALLS IN PHACOEMULSIFICATION Cataract -> Surgical Techniques and Technology for lens removal in Phacoemulsification R03267 Dr.Ramamurthy D Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar
9 IC55 TACKLING POSTERIOR CAPSULE RUPTURE AND IOL IMPLANTATION: A VIDEO BASED COURSE Cataract -> Complications N07608 Dr.Narang Priya Dr.Narang Priya,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Ajoy Paul,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Lalit Verma
10 IC56 Phaconightmares & Worst Case Scenarios Cataract -> Challenging cases A02437 Dr.Amar Agarwal Dr.Amar Agarwal,Dr.Athiya Agarwal,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar,Dr.Gaurav Luthra
11 IC57 Treatable Macular Disorders Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others V02902 Dr.Lalit Verma Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Raju S,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Anand Rajendran,Dr.Mallika Goyal,Dr.Avnindra Gupta,Dr.Gopal S Pillai
12 IC58 Retinal Imaging: Reading between the lines Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Diagnostics N10193 Dr.Unnikrishnan Nair R Dr.Unnikrishnan Nair R,Dr.Manoj S,Dr.Cheriyan Shane Mathew,Dr.Anand Rajendran,Dr.Daraius Shroff,Dr.Ashish Sharma
13 IC59 StrabisMusic: the SurgeOn session Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Surgical Procedure S02731 Dr.Pradeep Sharma Dr.Pradeep Sharma,Dr.Muralidhar Rajamani,Dr.Swati Phuljhele Aalok,Dr.Jitendra Nenumal Jethani,Prof.Rohit Saxena,Dr.NRIPEN GAUR
14 IC61 Sterilization of OT instruments- Decoding the facts & myths.. Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others M12298 Dr.Bharathi Megur Dr.Bharathi Megur,Dr.Deepak Megur,Dr.H M Ravindranath,Dr.Sunil Ganekal,Dr. C.A.P. PRABHU
15 IC62 Only FOR Residents: Walk through examining a patient during Exams Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Basic procedures like (Refraction/slit lamp examination, Indirect Ophthalmoscopy) K04958 Dr.Kirti Singh Dr.Kirti Singh,Dr.Mohan Shalini,Dr.Amitava Abadan Khan,Dr.Krishna Prasad R,Prof.(col) Madhu Bhaduria,Dr.Maj Gen (Mrs ) Sagarika Patyal,Dr.Rathinam Sivakumar R
16 IC63 Purchasing Ophthalmic Equipment: Getting the Best for your practice Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management G02345 Dr.Grewal S P S Dr.Grewal S P S,Dr.RITU AURORA,Dr.Ajay Aurora,Dr.Mohan Rajan,Dr.Saurabh Choudhry,Dr.SARTAJ GREWAL
17 IC64 OCT for the General Ophthalmologist Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Newer innovations T04464 Dr.Dinesh Talwar Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Hemlata Gupta,Dr.Charu Khurana,Dr.Purnima Sood,Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav
18 IC65 PHAKIC IOL LEARN IT FROM THE MASTERS Refractive Surgery -> Phakic IOL B05049 Dr.Partha Biswas Dr.Purendra Bhasin,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Sri Ganesh,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev
19 IC66 'The Oculoplastics Classroom’ A step by step Video Assisted Surgical Tutorial ( VAST) Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Others S07165 Dr.Mukesh Sharma Dr.Mukesh Sharma,Dr.Sethi Anita,Dr.Manju Meena,Dr.Ashok Kumar Grover,Prof.Mandeep Singh Bajaj,Dr.MAYA HADA,Dr.Santosh G Honavar
20 IC67 LASIK FOR GENERAL OPHTHALMOLOGIST Refractive Surgery -> Lasik K04744 Dr.Shashi Kapoor Dr.Shashi Kapoor,Dr.SARTAJ GREWAL,Dr.Ladi Jeevan Sitaram,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Prof.Sudarshan Kumar Khokhar,Dr.Rohit Shetty
21 IC68 Intravitreal injections in retinal practice- What every comprehensive ophthalmologist should know Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others P09299 Dr.Gopal S Pillai Dr.Gopal S Pillai,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Mahesh G,Dr.Anand Rajendran,Dr.Thomas Cherian,Dr.Rajesh Puthussery,Dr.Shrinivas M Joshi
22 IC69 Hospital Infection Control Practices & Protocols Simplified”–A Video assisted Interactive Session Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others C11957 Dr.Chandrasekhar D Dr.Chandrasekhar D,Dr.RAJIV SUKUMARAN,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T,Dr.Gagan Dudeja
23 IC70 Infection control practices and protocol in ophthalmic theatre. Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others S12413 Dr.Gitumoni Sharma Dr.Gitumoni Sharma,Dr.Mihir Mishra,Dr.Deepshikha Agrawal,Dr.Samrat Chatterjee,Dr.Sagarmoy Purkayastha,Dr.Harsha Bhattacharjee
24 IC71 NUTS AND BOLTS"-DESIGNING AND PLANNING AN PERFECT OPERATION THEATER(OT) Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management P09719 Dr.Anand Parthasarathy Dr.Anand Parthasarathy,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava,Dr.Kumaran Murugesan,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T,Dr.Nivean M
25 IC72 Smartphones, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Newer innovations A19733 Dr.John Davis Akkara Dr.John Davis Akkara,Dr.Prasanth Gireesh,Dr.Devika Bhattacharya,Dr.MITA JOSHI
26 IC73 Phacoemulsification in complicated cases- Simplify the complex Cataract -> Challenging cases S02888 Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Kumar J Doctor,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Gitansha Sachdev,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Amar Agarwal
27 IC74 Neuro-Ophthalmology - Made Easy Neuro Ophthalmology k14552 Dr.G.S. KALAIMATHI Dr.G.S. KALAIMATHI,Dr.Neena R.,Dr.ANN J.K.,Dr.Thomas Arun Varghese,Dr.SUJITHRA HARIDAS
28 IC75 RECENT ADVANCES IN THE DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF TUMORS OF THE OCULAR SURFACE Cornea -> Others H04901 Dr.Santosh G Honavar Dr.Santosh G Honavar,Dr.Vikas Menon,Dr.Fairooz P Manjandavida,Dr.RAKSHA RAO
29 IC76 VAST for Use of Botulinum Toxin, Fillers & Facial Thread Lifts, For Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Cosmetic procedures S09498 Dr.Debraj Shome Dr.Debraj Shome,Dr.Shilpa Taneja Mittal,Dr.Priti Khetan,Dr.(Mrs ) Kasturi Bhattacharjee
30 IC82 Botulinum Toxin in Ophthalmology: Masterclass with Live Demo Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Lid conditions and their management N09428 Dr.Milind Naik Dr.Milind Naik,Dr.AKSHAY NAIR,Dr.Trapti Sharma,Dr.TIPLE SWEETY GIRIJASHANKAR
31 IC84 Game of Ophthalmic Thrones Cataract -> Others C03469 Dr.Sanjay Chaudhary Dr.Sanjay Chaudhary,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Sonu Goel,Dr.Rohit Om Parkash,Dr.Sri Ganesh,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar
32 IC85 Fine tuning cataract surgery results- when to use what device and how Cataract -> Newer advances and future H03670 Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar,Dr.Sujatha Mohan,Dr.Vijay Shetty,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.ANAGHA HEROOR,Dr.Tanvi Haldipurkar,Dr.Zain Khatib
33 IC86 How to become a Social Media Savvy Ophthalmologist Community / Social Ophthalmology B12200 Dr.Kuheli Bhattacharya Dr.Kuheli Bhattacharya,Dr.RACHANA MUTHA,Dr. ANUPAMA VYAS,Dr.Aloka Santosh Hedau,Dr.Prachi Agashe
34 IC87 SICS in difficult situations Cataract -> Newer advances and future K03716 Prof.Kamaljeet Singh Prof.Kamaljeet Singh,Dr.Malik K P S,Prof.Ruchi Goel,Dr.S P Singh,Dr. KSHAMA K.K.,Dr.Lahane Tatyarao Pundlikrao
35 IC88 From The Plains to the Rockies: SICS Basic to SICS Advanced. Cataract -> SICS K08928 Dr.Kavita Porwal Dr.Kavita Porwal,Dr.Amit Porwal,Dr.Viji Rangarajan,Dr.Ganesh Venkataraman,Prof.Mano Ranjan Das,Dr.Jitendra Nenumal Jethani,Dr.Shilpa Kodkany
36 IC89 Dioptric distress: Biometry Solution for All Situations-Targeting Eagle's Eye Vision Cataract -> Refractive outcomes & Astigmatism Management G07652 Dr.Vinita Gupta Dr.Vinita Gupta,Dr.Saurabh Sawhney,Dr.Mohan Shalini,Prof.Vanathi M,Dr. JASLEEN DHILLON,Dr.Saswata Ray,Dr.Mukesh Taneja,Dr.Rishi Swarup
37 IC90 THE CONJUNCTIVITIS – ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ! “A CASE BASED APPROACH” External Disease V11479 Dr.Sonal Vyas Dr.Sonal Vyas,Dr.Quresh B. Maskati,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.Vikas Mittal,Dr.Mayank Mahajan
38 IC91 A to Z of Pterygium Management External Disease G10160 Dr.Rajiv Kumar Gupta Dr.Rajiv Kumar Gupta,Dr.M. SHIRAZ ALI,Dr.SUNIL KUMAR,Dr.ZAHID ALI SIDDIQUI,Dr.SUJOY SAMANTA
39 IC99 What after residency? Fellowships, FRCS, FICO, Training abroad and Career options – How & Why? Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Career Guidance for young Ophthalmologists G10826 Dr.Rashmin Gandhi Dr.Rashmin Gandhi,Dr.Krishna Prasad R,Dr.Devendra Venkatramani,Dr.AKSHAY NAIR,Dr.Rohit Shetty,Dr.Meenakshi Swaminathan,Dr.Clare Davey
40 IC123 Diagnosis & Management of Macular & Submacular Pathology Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina C06838 Dr.Abhijit Chattopadhyay Dr.Abhijit Chattopadhyay,Dr.Rajesh Sahay,Dr.George J Manayath,Dr.Saravanan V R,Dr.Subhankarsri Paul,Dr.Naresh Babu K