Instuction Courses Accepted for AIOC-2018

S.No ICNo Title Section Membership No. Chief Instructor Co Instructors
1 IC3 Infectious posterior uveitis: diagnostic and therapeutic challenge Uvea B02635 Dr.Jyotirmay Biswas Dr.Jyotirmay Biswas,Dr.Reema Bansal,Prof.Manohar Babu Balasundaram,Dr.Sudharshan S,Dr.Padmamalini Mahendradas
2 IC10 REFRACTION:STATE OF THE ART@21st CENTURY- SPECTACLE ,LENS SELECTION, INTOLERANCE &YOUR OPTICAL UNIT Optics / Refraction / Contact Lens A02620 Prof.Anthrayos C V Kakkanatt Prof.Anthrayos C V Kakkanatt,Dr.BABU KRISHNA KUMAR,Dr.Rajasekar K,Dr.Radha Ramanan B,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T
3 IC21 Uveitis – A step wise approach to diagnosis and treatment ! Uvea A15335 Dr.Mamta Agarwal Dr.Mamta Agarwal,Dr.Padmamalini Mahendradas,Dr.Reema Bansal,Dr.Mudit Tyagi,Dr.Vikas Khetan,Dr.Jyotirmay Biswas
4 IC24 Mastering MULTIFOCALS: Maximizing Manipulations – Case Based Approach Cataract -> Intra Ocular Lenses K10236 Dr.Kumaran Murugesan Dr.Kumaran Murugesan,Dr.Chokalingam M,Dr.Arvind Venkataraman,Dr.Minu M Mathen,Dr.Arulmozhi Varman N V,Prof.Vanathi M
5 IC26 Teaching &Training Methodologies for Residents & fellows: Practical Pearls Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others M05544 Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Mittal Dr.Ajai Agrawal,Dr.Somen Misra,Dr.Bhavana Sharma,Dr.Vinod Arora,Dr.Priti Kapadia Gupta,Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Mittal
6 IC31 Tackling astigmatism during cataract surgery - Different strokes. Cataract -> Refractive outcomes & Astigmatism Management A05995 Dr.Jai Gopal Agrawal Dr.Jai Gopal Agrawal,Dr.Pranav Ranjan,Dr.Nagendra Prasad,Dr.Subhash Prasad,Dr.Sujeet Kumar Mishra,Dr.Pranita Sahay
7 IC40 Phacoemulsification in previously operated eyes-How different it is? Cataract -> Challenging cases P06836 Dr.Subhash Prasad Dr.Subhash Prasad,Dr.Pasupathi Elankumaran,Dr.Ankur Sinha,Dr.Krishna Prasad R,Dr.Sujeet Kumar Mishra
8 IC42 Decision making in Neuro-ophthalmological Disorders: Case based teaching Neuro Ophthalmology S03895 Dr.Kumudini Sharma Dr.Kumudini Sharma,Dr.Vikas Kanaujia,Dr.VAIBHAV KUMAR JAIN
9 IC45 “Quality-A Cultural Transformation” Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management Z06994 Dr.ZAMINDAR SAMINA FAIYAZ Dr.ZAMINDAR SAMINA FAIYAZ,Dr.Gagan Dudeja,Dr.Mohita Sharma,Dr.Krishna Prasad K,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T,Dr.Quresh B. Maskati
10 IC47 Glaucoma Unveiled - Solving common dilemmas in clinical practice Glaucoma -> Others K03100 Dr.Mayuri B Khamar Dr.Vandana Nath,Dr.Manish,Dr.Prabhudesai Medha Nitin,Dr.Sood Devindra,Dr.Kamini Mukeshkumar Prajapati
11 IC48 Challenging the Controversies in Refractive Surgery Refractive Surgery -> Complications R06862 Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Sri Ganesh,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Kumar J Doctor,Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev
12 IC50 Macular Pathologies Simplified …… Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina A02774 Dr.Atul Kumar Dr.Atul Kumar,Dr.Chaitra Jayadev,Prof.Mangat R Dogra,Dr.Ashish Sharma,Dr.Jyotirmay Biswas,Dr.Ajay Aurora
13 IC53 What if? Serious answers to unexplained questions Refractive Surgery -> Investigation and evaluation S12145 Dr.Rohit Shetty Dr.Rohit Shetty,Dr.Pallak Kusumgar,Dr.Pooja Khamar,Dr.Nimrata Bajaj Dhami,Dr.Sharon Dsouza,Dr.VAITHEESWARAN GANESAN LALGUDI
14 IC58 PAST MISTAKES ,LESSONS LEARNT Glaucoma -> Others P05829 Dr.Maj Gen (Mrs ) Sagarika Patyal Dr.Maj Gen (Mrs ) Sagarika Patyal,Dr.Sood Devindra,Dr.(col) Madhu Bhaduria,Dr.Kirti Singh,Dr.Dubey Suneeta,Dr.Harsh Kumar
15 IC61 Diverse strategies in assorted ocular surface pathologies External Disease T04915 Dr.Shreya Thatte Dr.Shreya Thatte,Dr.Pallavi Joshi,Dr.Parmar Gautam Singh,Dr.Aditya Pradhan,Dr.Quresh B. Maskati,Dr.Paras Indravadan Mehta
16 IC62 Phacoemulsification in challenging situations Cataract -> Challenging cases T06991 Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.Arup Chakrabarti,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant,Dr.Namrata Sharma
17 IC68 Challenging Phacoemulsification Cases: Combining Techniques and Technology Cataract -> Complications M08325 Dr.Minu M Mathen Dr.Rengaraj Venkatesh,Dr.Amit Porwal,Dr.Minu M Mathen,Dr.Manas Kumar Ghosh,Dr.Haripriya Aravind,Dr.Suven Bhattacharjee,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava
18 IC69 Anophthalmic socket : A No go area!! Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Others G02758 Dr.Ashok Kumar Grover Dr.Ashok Kumar Grover,Dr.Shilpa Taneja Mittal,Dr.Ashutosh Kumar Singh,Dr.Amrita Sawhney,Dr.Shaloo Bageja,Dr.Sachin Gupta
19 IC77 Infection control practices and protocol in ophthalmic theatre. Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others S12413 Dr.Gitumoni Sharma Dr.Gitumoni Sharma,Dr.Mihir Mishra,Dr.Deepshikha Agrawal,Dr.Samrat Chatterjee,Dr.Sagarmoy Purkayastha,Dr.Harsha Bhattacharjee
20 IC80 IOL Implantation in the Absence of Capsular Support Cataract -> Complications M02916 Dr.Mohan Rajan Dr.Amar Agarwal,Dr.Nivean M,Dr.Sujatha Mohan,Dr.Manoj Khatri,Dr.Mohan Rajan
21 IC82 Approach to Glaucoma Suspect – Clinical diagnosis, Work up and Management Glaucoma -> Others T07245 Dr.Deven Tuli Dr.Deven Tuli,Dr.Sushma Tejwani,Dr.Dada Tanuj,Dr.Bhagat Purvi Raj,Dr.Pandav Surinder Singh,Dr.Barun Kumar Nayak
22 IC84 Where I Went Wrong In The World Of Ophthalmic Diagnostics...? Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others M12337 Dr.Deepak Mishra Dr.Deepak Mishra,Dr.Barun Kumar Nayak,Dr.Bibhuti Prassan Sinha,Dr.Chaitra Jayadev,Dr.Ramanjit Sihota,Dr.Rajesh Sinha
23 IC86 Managing Complicated Retinal Detachment - When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina M09477 Dr.Sangeet Mittal Dr.Nishikant Borse,Dr.Shobhit Chawla,Dr.Sangeet Mittal,Dr.Saurabh Luthra,Dr.Pramod Sadashiorao Bhende,Dr.Ramandeep Singh,Dr.Neeraj Sanduja
24 IC87 Dry Eye - Changing Paradigms Lacrimal S14772 Dr.RUSHAD SHROFF Dr.RUSHAD SHROFF,Dr.Rohit Shetty,Dr.Rashmi Deshmukh,Dr.Himanshu Matalia,Dr.Deepender Chauhan
25 IC88 Recent guidelines & Protocols for prevention & management of Endophthalmitis Cataract -> Complications C10327 Dr.Haimanti Choudhury Dr.Satanshu Mathur,Dr.Himadri Choudhury,Dr.Haimanti Choudhury,Dr.Ajay Aurora,Dr.ZAMINDAR SAMINA FAIYAZ
26 IC92 Understanding Strabismus: The Pediatric eye and Basic Strabismus Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Diagnostics and assessment S06615 Prof.Rohit Saxena Prof.Rohit Saxena,Dr.ANIN SETHI,Dr.Swati Phuljhele Aalok,Dr.Digvijay Singh,Dr.Pradeep Sharma,Dr.Ankur Sinha
27 IC95 ASSESSMENT OF STRABISMUS & ALLIED TESTING. Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Diagnostics and assessment S08028 Dr.Yogesh Shukla Dr.Yogesh Shukla,Prof.Subhash Dadeya,Dr.Jitendra Nenumal Jethani
28 IC109 Small Pupil - Better Safe than Sorry! Cataract -> Challenging cases B05679 Dr.Suven Bhattacharjee Dr.Suven Bhattacharjee,Dr.Arup Chakrabarti,Dr.Arup Bhaumik,Dr.Kumar J Doctor,Dr.Deepak Megur,Dr.Minu M Mathen
29 IC110 Only FOR Residents: Walk through examining a patient during Exams Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Basic procedures like (Refraction/slit lamp examination, Indirect Ophthalmoscopy) K04958 Dr.Kirti Singh Dr.Kirti Singh,Dr.Amitava Abadan Khan,Dr.Mohan Shalini,Dr.(col) Madhu Bhaduria,Dr.Maj Gen (Mrs ) Sagarika Patyal,Dr.Krishna Prasad R,Dr.Rathinam Sivakumar R
30 IC111 Tips for successful management of Lacrimal drainage obstruction: Punctum to NLD –A Master course Lacrimal D07473 Dr.Jayanta Kumar Das Dr.Jayanta Kumar Das,Dr.Shaloo Bageja,Dr.Ramesh Murthy,Dr.Ashok Kumar Grover,Dr.Goswami Biraj Jyoti,Dr.Maurya Rajendra Prakash,Dr.Gangadhara Sundar J K
31 IC115 Organising a glaucoma set up in your practise with limited resources ,choice of instrumentation. Glaucoma -> Others H02900 Dr.Harsh Kumar Dr.Harsh Kumar,Dr.Maj Gen (Mrs ) Sagarika Patyal,Dr. MANISH SHANTILAL SHAH,Dr.suman,Dr.Prateep Vyas,Dr.Parul Sony,Dr.Dubey Suneeta
32 IC116 VAST for Use of Botulinum Toxin, Fillers & Facial Thread Lifts, For Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Cosmetic procedures S09498 Dr.Debraj Shome Dr.Debraj Shome,Dr.Shilpa Taneja Mittal,Dr.Priti Khetan,Dr.(Mrs ) Kasturi Bhattacharjee
33 IC117 Phacoemulsification in complicated cases- Simplify the complex Cataract -> Challenging cases S02888 Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Kumar J Doctor,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Gitansha Sachdev,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Amar Agarwal
34 IC121 LASIK FOR GENERAL OPHTHALMOLOGIST Refractive Surgery -> Lasik K04744 Dr.Shashi Kapoor Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.SARTAJ GREWAL,Prof.Sudarshan Kumar Khokhar,Dr.Ladi Jeevan Sitaram,Dr.Rohit Shetty,Dr.Shashi Kapoor
35 IC123 PEARLS & PITFALLS IN PHACOEMULSIFICATION Cataract -> Surgical Techniques and Technology for lens removal in Phacoemulsification R03267 Dr.Ramamurthy D Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar,Dr.Ramamurthy D
36 IC124 Masterstroke to deal with challenges-A video and case based course Cataract -> Challenging cases C03427 Dr.Rajiv Choudhary Dr.Rajiv Choudhary,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Rajesh Subhash Joshi,Dr.Shroff Ashok Pranjivandas,Dr.Harbansh Lal,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy
37 IC127 Video Assisted Skill Transfer: Cornea 'Basics' Cornea -> Surgical techniques and Technology B13765 Dr.LILAN BHAT Dr.LILAN BHAT,Dr.Seema Km,Dr.DAVID PUDUKADAN,Dr.Meena Chembil Kakkitampara,Dr.Jatin Ashar
38 IC134 Endothelial Keratoplasty: DSEK, DSAEK and DMEK – Made Simple Cornea -> Surgical techniques and Technology B04367 Dr.Samar Kumar Basak Dr.Samar Kumar Basak,Dr.Soham Basak,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.Namrata Sharma,Dr.Revathi Rajaraman,Dr.Rajesh Fogla
39 IC139 TIPS TO ENHANCE YOUR MULTI FOCAL PRACTICE Cataract -> Intra Ocular Lenses S06664 Dr.Saikumar S J Dr.Saikumar S J,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar,Dr.Minu M Mathen,Dr.Arup Chakrabarti,Dr.Mohan Rajan
40 IC140 Phaco complications- its recognition, prevention and management for the learners and learned. Cataract -> Complications G08337 Dr.Manas Kumar Ghosh Dr.Manas Kumar Ghosh,Dr.Ayan Mohanta,Dr.Debashis Dutta,Dr.Arup Bhaumik,Dr.Minu M Mathen,Dr.Boral Subhendu Kumar
41 IC141 Retinal Imaging: Reading between the lines Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Diagnostics N10193 Dr.Unnikrishnan Nair R Dr.Unnikrishnan Nair R,Dr.Ashish Sharma,Dr.Manoj S,Dr.Cheriyan Shane Mathew,Dr.Daraius Shroff,Dr.Anand Rajendran
42 IC143 SICS - A Refractive Surgery Cataract -> SICS B03689 Dr.Jagannath Boramani Dr.Jagannath Boramani,Dr.Devaprasad,Dr.DIVYA M.,Dr.Pratyush Ranjan,Dr.Satish Shet,Dr.Amulya Nath Sahu
43 IC149 Management Dilemmas in the OPD - One’s that scratch your head Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others B15311 Dr.KARAN BHATIA Dr.KARAN BHATIA,Dr.Quresh B. Maskati,Dr.Rajesh Fogla,Dr.Soumya Ganesh Nanaiah,Dr.Indeevar Mishra,Dr.Jignesh Bhaichand Taswala,Dr.Krishna Prasad R
44 IC151 Strabismus surgery : A Paradigm shift in management Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Surgical Procedure C11258 Dr.Lakshmi Cherungottil Dr.Anand Kumar,Dr.Arun Samprathi B S,Dr.Lakshmi Cherungottil,Dr.Muralidhar Rajamani,Dr.Sathya T Ravilla,Dr.Sujata Guha
45 IC152 Understanding Medico-legal Implications in Ophthalmic practice – Way to hassle free Practice Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others S10991 Dr.Viral Shah Dr.Rajesh Subhash Joshi,Dr.Pravin Prabhakar Vyawahare,Dr.Prakash Marathe,Dr.Viral Shah,Dr.JAY SURSH RAO BHOPI,Dr.Deshpande Anant Awdhutrao
46 IC153 Innovative Solutions for Complex Anterior Segment Situations: A Video assisted course Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Newer innovations G06870 Dr.Avnindra Gupta Dr.Avnindra Gupta,Dr.Ritesh Narula,Dr.Hemlata Gupta,Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Harsh Kumar,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Rengaraj Venkatesh
47 IC163 Practical/Protocol based management of DME & PDR and Artificial Intelligence in Diabetic Screening Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Medical Retina A03243 Dr.Ajay Aurora Dr.Manpreet Brar,Dr.Ajay Aurora,Dr.Neeraj Sanduja,Dr.Atul Kumar,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.RITU AURORA,Dr.Vishal Agrawal
48 IC166 Art and Science of Medical management of Glaucoma Glaucoma -> Medical Management V03799 Dr.Prateep Vyas Dr.Pandav Surinder Singh,Dr. MANISH SHANTILAL SHAH,Dr.Harsh Kumar,Dr.Nangia Vinay Kumar B,Dr.Sood Devindra,Dr.Parikh Rajul S,Dr.Prateep Vyas
49 IC172 "THE CHOICES WE MAKE" - A Young Ophthalmologists session on what determines our career Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Career Guidance for young Ophthalmologists V18501 Dr.VAITHEESWARAN GANESAN LALGUDI Dr.VAITHEESWARAN GANESAN LALGUDI,Dr.Pallak Kusumgar,Dr.Ramesh Babu K,Dr.RAKSHA RAO,Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy,Dr.DIVA KANT MISRA,Dr.Vishal Arora
50 IC176 OCT for the General Ophthalmologist Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Newer innovations T04464 Dr.Dinesh Talwar Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Purnima Sood,Dr.Hemlata Gupta,Dr.Charu Khurana,Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav
51 IC177 Anti VEGF therapy ; Where do we stand now Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Medical Retina M08551 Dr.Manoj S Dr.Manoj S,Dr.Rodney John Morris,Dr.George J Manayath,Dr.Anand Rajendran,Dr.Unnikrishnan Nair R,Dr.Anubhav Goyal
52 IC179 Chemical ,Biological & Nuclear Warfare : Have we predicted our role as an Ophthalmologist Trauma P03560 Dr.(Maj General) J K S Parihar Dr.Vinod Kumar Baranwal,Dr.Jaya Kaushik,Dr.(Lt Col) Alok Sati,Dr.(Maj General) J K S Parihar,Dr.VAIBHAV KUMAR JAIN,Dr.Poninder Kumar Dogra
53 IC181 Treating the abnormal Membranes of the Retina Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina S06582 Dr.Mahesh Shanmugam P Dr.Mahesh Shanmugam P,Dr.Pramod Sadashiorao Bhende,Dr.Saravanan V R,Dr.Rajesh Ramanjulu,Dr.Rohan Chawla
54 IC183 Decoding Keratoconus Management Cornea -> Keratoconus / Ectasia R14399 Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy,Dr.Gitansha Sachdev,Dr.ABHISHEK HOSHING,Dr.Jagadesh C Reddy,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Shreesha Kumar K,Dr.Himanshu Matalia
55 IC184 OCULAR SURFACE REVISITED - A REJUVENATING APPROACH Cornea -> Others J11983 Dr.Rajat Jain Dr.Rajat Jain,Dr.Shilpa Taneja Mittal,Dr.Neera Agrawal,Dr.Ikeda Lal
56 IC190 Tackling Challenging Situations in Refractive Surgery – Case based discussion Refractive Surgery -> Complications S15438 Dr.Gitansha Sachdev Dr.Gitansha Sachdev,Dr.Hemlata Gupta,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy,Dr.Rishi Swarup,Dr.Rohit Shetty
57 IC191 The Story of Glaucoma Implants: Looking for A Safe Landing Glaucoma -> Surgical Treatment N03110 Dr.Nangia Vinay Kumar B Dr.Chandrima Paul,Dr.Pandav Surinder Singh,Dr.Prateep Vyas,Dr.Vineet Ratra,Dr.Nangia Vinay Kumar B
58 IC194 All roads lead to Rome! How to ace your practice in any scenario Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Career Guidance for young Ophthalmologists M12323 Dr.Samita Moolani Dr.Kareeshma Wadia,Dr.Varun Kharbanda,Dr.Samita Moolani,Dr.AKSHAY NAIR
59 IC199 VAPORS :Video Assisted Problem Oriented vitreo Retinal Surgery Session Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina T09972 Dr.Srimat Muralidhar Dr.Amit Khosla,Dr.Pramod Sadashiorao Bhende,Dr.Puneet Gupta,Dr.Shobhit Chawla,Dr.Sanjiv Hansraj,Dr.Lalit Verma
60 IC203 StrabisMusic: the SurgeOn session Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Surgical Procedure S02731 Dr.Pradeep Sharma Dr.Pradeep Sharma,Prof.Rohit Saxena,Dr.Muralidhar Rajamani,Dr.Swati Phuljhele Aalok,Dr.NRIPEN GAUR,Dr.Jitendra Nenumal Jethani
61 IC209 Tailored and sustainable approach to use of Anti-VEGF in age-related macular degeneration. Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Medical Retina A02248 Dr.Raj Vardhan Azad Dr.Raj Vardhan Azad,Dr.Bhuvan Chanana,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Giridhar Anantharaman,Dr.Shobhit Chawla,Dr.Debdulal Chakraborty
62 IC221 Smartphones, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Beyond Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Newer innovations A19733 Dr.John Davis Akkara Dr.John Davis Akkara,Dr.Prasanth Gireesh,Dr.Devika Bhattacharya,Dr.MITA JOSHI
63 IC230 LAMELLAR KERTOPLASTY – BASICS & BEYOND Cornea -> Surgical techniques and Technology K10064 Dr.Shreesha Kumar K Dr.Shreesha Kumar K,Dr.Sean Socrates Dsilva,Dr.Ashish Nagpal,Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy,Dr.Satyamurthy K V,Dr.Rishi Swarup
64 IC242 Solving Refractive Conondrums in Cataract Surgery : IOL Grand Rounds Cataract -> Intra Ocular Lenses V02959 Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant Dr.Vasavada Abhaykumar Raghukant,Dr.Lajja Shastri,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Shail
65 IC250 OCULAR TRAUMA:EXPERT GUIDED APPROACH TO DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT Trauma B11937 Dr.Naresh Babu K Dr.Naresh Babu K,Dr.ASHOK GROVER,Dr.Mano Ranjan Das,Dr.Madhu Shekhar,Dr.Venu Gopal Reddy Yeramala Chinna,Dr.Mahesh Kumar
66 IC262 RECENT ADVANCES IN THE DIAGNOSIS AND MANAGEMENT OF TUMORS OF THE OCULAR SURFACE Cornea -> Others H04901 Dr.Santosh G Honavar Dr.Santosh G Honavar,Dr.Fairooz P Manjandavida,Dr.Vikas Menon,Dr.RAKSHA RAO
67 IC264 DME Management - Unanswered Questions Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Medical Retina J10204 Dr.Chaitra Jayadev Dr.Santosh Gopi Krishna Gadde,Dr.Mahesh Shanmugam P,Dr.Dhananjay Shukla,Prof.Mangat R Dogra,Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Atul Kumar
68 IC280 Resurgence of a dying art - newer trends in Scleral Buckling Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina G03174 Dr.Giridhar Anantharaman Dr.Giridhar Anantharaman,Dr.Kumar K S,Dr.Muralidhar N S,Dr.Daraius Shroff,Dr.Pradeep Susvar,Dr.Mahesh G
69 IC281 Managing Phaco Complications in Rock Hard Cataracts. Cataract -> Challenging cases M00515 Prof.Keiki R. Mehta Prof.Keiki R. Mehta,Dr.Gitansha Sachdev,Dr.Lahane Tatyarao Pundlikrao,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Cyres Keiki Mehta,Dr.Ashvin Agarwal
70 IC299 Complex strabismus and challenging ocular motility disorders: Tips to diagnosis and management Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Diagnostics and assessment P04428 Dr.Pramod Kumar Pandey Dr.Pramod Kumar Pandey,Dr.ANNU JOON,Prof.Rohit Saxena,Dr.(mrs ) Vinita Singh,Dr.Pradeep Sharma,Dr.Ashok Kumar Khurana
71 IC307 Challenges of Intraocular lens Implantation and Beyond in Paediatric Eyes Pediatric -> Cataract Surgery S08158 Dr.Rajesh Sinha Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.VIJAY KUMAR SHARMA,Dr.Jagat Ram,Dr.Sandeep,Prof.Rohit Saxena
72 IC310 Diabetic Retinopathy: Bedside to Bench to Bedside Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others M11762 Dr.Sunita Mohan Dr.Sunita Mohan,Dr.Rajiv Raman,Dr.Kim Ramasamy,Prof.G Kumaramanickavel,Dr.S Rajkumar,Dr.Sobha Sivaprasad
73 IC312 small incision cataract surgery-tips and tricks to give spectacle free 20/20 vision to the patients Cataract -> SICS P10550 Dr.Ragini Hasmukuray Parekh Dr.Ragini Hasmukuray Parekh,Dr.Lahane Tatyarao Pundlikrao,Dr.Parikshit Gogate,Dr.Santosh Shankar Bhide
74 IC317 Managing Primary (Rhegmatogenous) Retinal Detachment Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina A02545 Dr.Dubey A K Dr.Dubey A K,Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Raj Vardhan Azad,Dr.Shobhit Chawla,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Ashish Mitra
75 IC328 Trabeculectomy Basics: Tips & tricks focussing on Success Glaucoma -> Complications A13092 Dr.Dewang Angmo Dr.Dewang Angmo,Dr.Shikha Gupta,Dr.Viney Gupta,Dr.Dada Tanuj,Dr.Parul Ichhpujani,Dr.Pandav Surinder Singh
76 IC329 IOL OPTIONS IN PCR DURING PHACOEMULSIFICATION Cataract -> Complications S05351 Prof.Pankaj Sharma Prof.Pankaj Sharma,Dr.Rajesh Goyal,Dr.Virendra Agrawal,Dr.Nagendra Shekhawat,Dr.Mukesh Sharma,Dr.Saurabh Choudhry
77 IC334 Glaucoma: Over coming diagnostic dilemmas and managing grey zones Glaucoma -> Complications M14055 Dr.NILESH MOHAN Dr.NILESH MOHAN,Dr.Deepak Mishra,Dr.Amit Porwal,Dr.Mamta Singh,Dr.Bibhuti Prassan Sinha,Dr.Parul Sony
78 IC335 Planning And Performing Minimally Invasive Oculoplastic And Orbital Surgery Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Others M08886 Dr.Ravindra Mohan E Dr.Ravindra Mohan E,Dr.Trivedi Nitin Vinaykant,Dr.Moupia Goswami
79 IC337 Purchasing Ophthalmic Equipment: Getting the Best for your practice Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management G02345 Dr.Grewal S P S Dr.RITU AURORA,Dr.Ajay Aurora,Dr.Mohan Rajan,Dr.SARTAJ GREWAL,Dr.Saurabh Choudhry,Dr.Grewal S P S
80 IC340 Practical Pearls in the surgical management of Complex Retinal Detachments Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina D02855 Prof.Mangat R Dogra Dr.Gopal Lingam,Dr.Vishali Gupta,Dr.Ramandeep Singh,Dr.Deeksha Katoch,Prof.Mangat R Dogra
81 IC341 'The Oculoplastics Classroom’ A step by step Video Assisted Surgical Tutorial ( VAST) Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Others S07165 Dr.Mukesh Sharma Dr.Mukesh Sharma,Dr.Manju Meena,Dr.MAYA HADA,Dr.Sethi Anita,Dr.Santosh G Honavar,Prof.Mandeep Singh Bajaj,Dr.Ashok Kumar Grover
82 IC354 Diagnosis & Management of Macular & Submacular Pathology Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina C06838 Dr.Abhijit Chattopadhyay Dr.Abhijit Chattopadhyay,Dr.George J Manayath,Dr.Subhankarsri Paul,Dr.Saravanan V R,Dr.Naresh Babu K,Dr.Rajesh Sahay
83 IC357 Intravitreal injections in retinal practice- What every comprehensive ophthalmologist should know Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others P09299 Dr.Gopal S Pillai Dr.Gopal S Pillai,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Mahesh G,Dr.Anand Rajendran,Dr.Thomas Cherian,Dr.Rajesh Puthussery,Dr.Shrinivas M Joshi
84 IC358 Nucleus management: Practical Pearls in different scenarios Cataract -> Surgical Techniques and Technology for lens removal in Phacoemulsification L04743 Dr.Harbansh Lal Dr.Harbansh Lal,Dr.Ikeda Lal,Dr.Shroff Ashok Pranjivandas,Dr.Rajiv Choudhary,Dr.Noshir Minoo Shroff
85 IC361 Neuro-Ophthalmology - Made Easy Neuro Ophthalmology k14552 Dr.G.S. KALAIMATHI Dr.G.S. KALAIMATHI,Dr.Neena R.,Dr. ANN J.K.,Dr.Thomas Arun Varghese,Dr.SUJITHRA HARIDAS
86 IC363 Surgical Acrobatics with 3D's: Dangling, Dislocated, Decentred IOLs: VAST from 3D visual system. Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others J12259 Dr.Shrinivas M Joshi Dr.Shrinivas M Joshi,Dr.Guruprasad Ayachit,Dr.Mallika Goyal,Dr.Satyamurthy K V,Dr.Daraius Shroff,Dr.Satanshu Mathur,Dr.Gopal S Pillai
87 IC368 Saving the Sinking Ship: Rescuing Subluxated And Dislocated IOLs! Cataract -> Complications S12576 Dr.Purnima Srivatsa Dr.Purnima Srivatsa,Dr.Mohan Rajan,Dr.Sudeep Das,Dr.Haripriya Aravind
88 IC370 Learning the Basics and avoiding the Pitfalls in common Oculoplasty conditions Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Evaluation and Investigation K02985 Dr.Ashok Kumar Khurana Dr.Ashok Kumar Khurana,Dr.Chawla Urmil,Dr.Bhawna Piplani,Dr.Jyoti Deswal,Dr.Prachi Jain
89 IC374 Master class on management vitreoretinal complications of cataract surgery Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina S10100 Dr.Ramandeep Singh Dr.Ramandeep Singh,Prof.Mangat R Dogra,Dr.Deeksha Katoch,Dr.Simar Rajan Singh
90 IC379 What after residency? Fellowships, FRCS, FICO, Training abroad and Career options – How & Why? Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Career Guidance for young Ophthalmologists M05414 Dr.Meenakshi Swaminathan Dr.Krishna Prasad R,Dr.Devendra Venkatramani,Dr.AKSHAY NAIR,Dr.Rashmin Gandhi,Dr.Rohit Shetty
91 IC380 Phacoemulsification, Femto Laser and Zepto Assisted Phaco in Difficult & Challenging Situations Cataract -> Challenging cases P06502 Dr.Pandey Suresh Kumar Dr.Pandey Suresh Kumar,Dr.Jagat Ram,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Amar Agarwal,Dr.Harshul Tak,Dr.Vidushi Sharma
92 IC386 Ocular Oncology for comprehensive ophthalmologists:identify the masquerades Ocular Pathology / Ocular Oncology and Tumors D10596 Dr.Sima Das Dr.Sima Das,Dr.Vikas Menon,Dr.Bhaduri Anirban
93 IC387 B2C (Business to consumer)- Reaching out to potential patients and brand building. Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management R12084 Dr.Navendu Rai Dr.Navendu Rai,Dr.Kareeshma Wadia,Dr.Samita Moolani,Dr.Varun Kharbanda
94 IC388 Eyelid Tumours -All you need to know Ocular Pathology / Ocular Oncology and Tumors L19136 Dr.Sumeet lahane Dr.Santosh G Honavar,Dr.Vikas Menon,Dr.Fairooz P Manjandavida,Dr.RAKSHA RAO,Dr.Sonal Chaugule,Dr.Sumeet lahane
95 IC392 0.0 D-Say NO To Postoperative Residual Astigmatism–Managing Corneal Astigmatism in Cataract Surgery Cataract -> Refractive outcomes & Astigmatism Management A03549 Dr.Arulmozhi Varman N V Dr.Arulmozhi Varman N V,Dr.Ramesh Dorairajan,Dr.Atheek Shaik Hameed,Dr.M.Nishanth,Dr.Jeyanthan
96 IC401 Whats new in paediatric cataract Surgery ? Pediatric -> Cataract Surgery K05982 Dr.Kalpana Narendran Dr.Kalpana Narendran,Dr.Sandra Chandramouli,Dr.Fathima A,DR.AMRUTHA SINDHU,Dr.SASIKALA ELIZBETH ANILKUMAR
97 IC404 Mastering Toric Intraocular Lenses for corneal astigmatism management Cataract -> Intra Ocular Lenses T11264 Dr.Harshul Tak Dr.Harshul Tak,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Sanjay Chaudhary,Dr.Pandey Suresh Kumar,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Satyamurthy K V
98 IC407 "NUTS AND BOLTS"-DESIGNING AND PLANNING AN PERFECT OPERATION THEATER(OT) Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management P09719 Dr.Anand Parthasarathy Dr.Anand Parthasarathy,Dr.Kumaran Murugesan,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava,Dr.Nivean M
99 IC408 Mistakes in Diagnosis and management Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others E09081 Dr.Sreeni Edakhlon Dr.Sreeni Edakhlon,Prof.Vanathi M,Dr.Kaushik Murali,Dr.Gopal S Pillai,Dr.Y Umesh,Dr.Saikumar S J
100 IC416 ROLE OF OCULAR PERFUSION PRESSURE IN GLAUCOMA Glaucoma -> New Technology B05506 Dr.Jatinder Singh Bhalla Dr.Nawab Zishan Farooqui,Dr.Jatinder Singh Bhalla,Dr.(mrs ) Kiran Bhanot,Dr.Amit Mehtani
101 IC419 Defying the odds !! A scientific approach- Cataract surgery in difficult scenarios. Cataract -> Challenging cases H09963 Dr.ANAGHA HEROOR Dr.ANAGHA HEROOR,Dr.Suvira Jain,Dr.Kumar J Doctor,Dr.Vaidya Ashish R,Dr.Sandeep Nagvekar,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar
102 IC429 Sterilization of OT instruments- Decoding the facts & myths.. Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others M12298 Dr.Bharathi Megur Dr.Bharathi Megur,Dr.Deepak Megur,Dr.Sunil Ganekal,Dr.H M Ravindranath,Dr. C.A.P. PRABHU
103 IC439 Publish and Flourish - practical approach to scientific writing Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others N07958 Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T,Dr.Dhivya A,Dr.Nivean M,Dr.SHARMILA DEVI VADIVELU,Dr.Atheek Shaik Hameed
104 IC449 Cataract surgery in co morbid ocular conditions Cataract -> Others C07290 Dr.Vir Vikram Singh Chhillar Dr.Vir Vikram Singh Chhillar,Dr.Amit Porwal,Dr.Saurabh Mittal,Dr.Suvira Jain,Dr.Ankur Sinha,Dr. ARORA AMIT
105 IC458 Microbial Keratitis : How has new evidence changed the management Cornea -> Corneal Infections S05577 Dr.Namrata Sharma Dr.Namrata Sharma,Dr.Ritu Arora,Dr.Samar Kumar Basak,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Rajesh Fogla,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal
106 IC465 How to go about setting up a Refractive Practice - Covering all Bases! Refractive Surgery -> Others D08834 Dr.Darak Ambarish Balkrishna Dr.Rohit Shetty,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Darak Ambarish Balkrishna,Dr.Vardhaman Kankaria,Dr.Samaresh Srivastava,Dr.Purnima Srivatsa,Dr.Anand Parthasarathy
107 IC469 Successful Medical Encounters Community / Social Ophthalmology N09220 Dr.Aarti Nangia Dr.Shweta walia,Dr. SHWETA VERMA,Dr.Manushree Gautam,Dr.Neelam Pawar,Dr.SMITA AGARWAL,Dr.Anshu Khare
108 IC478 Success lies in Broca's area- Communication and Counselling Pearls in Ophthalmic Practice Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management K06434 Dr.Krishna Prasad R Dr.Krishna Prasad R,Dr.Kirti Singh,Dr.Rajashekar Y L,Dr.H M Ravindranath,Dr.Quresh B. Maskati,Dr.Deepti P
109 IC483 “Hospital Infection Control Practices & Protocols Simplified”–A Video assisted Interactive Session Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Others C11957 Dr.Chandrasekhar D Dr.Chandrasekhar D,Dr.RAJIV SUKUMARAN,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T,Dr.Gagan Dudeja
110 IC489 Secondary glaucomas- an unwelcome comorbidity - Diagnosis & management via case scenarios Glaucoma -> Others D05035 Dr.Meenakshi Yadav Dhar Dr.Meenakshi Yadav Dhar,Dr. MANOJ PRATHAPAN,Dr.Reena Manchanda Choudhry,Dr.Dubey Suneeta,Dr.George Puthuran,Dr.(mrs ) Dhamankar R R,Dr.Mohan Shalini
111 IC500 Challenging Situations in Macular Surgery: Video Based Course Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Surgical Vitreo Retina G06230 Dr.Mallika Goyal Dr.Mallika Goyal,Dr.Gopal S Pillai,Dr.Atul Kumar,Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Shrinivas M Joshi,Dr.Pradeep Susvar,Dr.PRATIK SHAH
112 IC509 Challanging The Challange Cataract -> Challenging cases D03945 Dr.Kumar J Doctor Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Harshul Tak,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Vardhaman Kankaria,Dr.Mohan Rajan,Dr.Jenin Patel
113 IC527 Current concepts in Management of Amblyopia Pediatric -> Strabismus -> Non surgical management D08087 Prof.Subhash Dadeya Prof.Subhash Dadeya,Dr.Ashok Kumar Khurana,Dr.Yogesh Shukla,Prof.Goyal J L,Dr.SAVLEEN KAUR
114 IC531 The Cataract Surgeon's Toolbox for Decentered and Dislocated IOLs. Cataract -> Intra Ocular Lenses A04119 Dr.Arup Chakrabarti Dr.Arup Chakrabarti,Dr.Meena Chakrabarti,Dr.Saikumar S J,Dr.Satyamurthy K V,Dr.Sri Ganesh
115 IC555 Low Vision Basics Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Vision impairment / Blindness D04258 Dr.Desai Sanjiv Dr.Desai Sanjiv,Dr.Jakhar Ajeet,Dr.Gulam Ali
116 IC571 Malpositioned lenses : Surgical management techniques with Hooks, Rings, Segments and Glue Cataract -> Challenging cases P05420 Dr.Ajoy Paul Dr.Surya Gupta,Dr.Lav Kochgaway,Dr.Ajoy Paul,Dr.Soosan Jacob,Dr.Narang Priya,Dr.Chandni Chakraborty
117 IC572 Phaconightmares & Worst Case Scenarios Cataract -> Challenging cases A02437 Dr.Amar Agarwal Dr.Amar Agarwal,Dr.Athiya Agarwal,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar,Dr.Gaurav Luthra
118 IC573 CONVERTING FROM MANUAL SICS TO PHACO: STEP-BY-STEP Cataract -> Surgical Techniques and Technology for lens removal in Phacoemulsification D03075 Dr.Debasish Bhattacharya Dr.Debasish Bhattacharya,Dr.Mrinmoy Das,Dr.Sanjib Banerjee,Dr.Dipanjan Pal,Dr.Bhaskar Bhattacharyya
119 IC574 Walking the Tightrope in Challenging Cataract Situations Cataract -> Challenging cases L09514 Dr.Gaurav Luthra Dr.Gaurav Luthra,Dr.Shreyas Ramamurthy,Dr.Harshul Tak,Dr.Kumar J Doctor,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Sri Ganesh,Dr.Suhas Haldipurkar
120 IC575 TACKLING POSTERIOR CAPSULE RUPTURE AND IOL IMPLANTATION: A VIDEO BASED COURSE Cataract -> Complications N07608 Dr.Narang Priya Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Chitra Ramamurthy,Dr.Ajoy Paul,Dr.Ritika Sachdev,Dr.Narang Priya,Dr.Lalit Verma
121 IC576 PHAKIC IOL LEARN IT FROM THE MASTERS Refractive Surgery -> Phakic IOL B05049 Dr.Partha Biswas Dr.Purendra Bhasin,Dr.Partha Biswas,Dr.Ramamurthy D,Dr.Sri Ganesh,Dr.Mahipal S Sachdev
122 IC577 Jump Starting NABH Accreditation Journey in Eye Care Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Practice & Hospital Management R12108 Dr.Srinivas V K Rao Dr.Srinivas V K Rao,Dr.Shreesha Kumar K,Dr.Chandra Shekar C S,Dr.RAJIV SUKUMARAN,DR.AMRUTHA SINDHU,Dr.Nirmal Fredrick T
123 IC578 OSD - Confusions, Concerns and Changing Paradigms External Disease R03880 Prof.(Mrs ) Radhika Tandon Prof.(Mrs ) Radhika Tandon,Dr.Quresh B. Maskati,Prof.Vanathi M,Dr.Umang Mathur,Dr.Rajesh Sinha,Dr.Rohit Shetty
124 IC579 VAST on CORNEAL THEATRE MASTERCLASS – Power Capsule on Pearls & Pitfalls Cornea -> Surgical techniques and Technology V07265 Prof.Vanathi M Dr.Rishi Mohan,Dr.Jeewan S Titiyal,Dr.Soosan Jacob,Prof.Vanathi M,Dr.Rishi Swarup,Dr.Samar Kumar Basak,Dr.Rajesh Fogla
125 IC580 Glaucoma Diagnosed and Treatment started. What next? Glaucoma -> Others K06401 Dr.Sushmita Kaushik Dr.Sushmita Kaushik,Dr.Pandav Surinder Singh,Dr.Nangia Vinay Kumar B,Dr.(mrs ) Dhamankar R R,Dr.Mayuri B Khamar,Dr.Harsh Kumar
126 IC581 Sunrise over the Traquair’s Island – Top 5 Glaucoma advancements over the past decade Glaucoma -> New Technology C05236 Dr.Chandrima Paul Dr.Sood Devindra,Dr.Kirti Singh,Dr.Chandrima Paul,Dr.Soosan Jacob,Dr.Sathyan Parthasarathi
127 IC582 Video bouquet of spectrum of glaucoma surgeries and combined cataract-glaucoma surgeries Glaucoma -> Surgical Treatment C09377 Dr.DEBASIS CHAKRABARTI Dr.Siddharth Dikshit,Dr.DEBASIS CHAKRABARTI,Dr.Mandal A K,Dr.Nikhil Choudhari
128 IC583 OBITUARY: Clinical examination in glaucoma diagnosis Comprehensive Ophthalmology -> Basic procedures like (Refraction/slit lamp examination, Indirect Ophthalmoscopy) S07101 Dr.Sood Devindra Dr.Sood Devindra,Dr.Barun Kumar Nayak,Dr.Chandrima Paul,Dr.Prabhudesai Medha Nitin,Dr.Sathyan Parthasarathi,Dr.Maj Gen (Mrs ) Sagarika Patyal
129 IC584 Interpretation of Radiological investigations of orbit Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Orbit N02937 Dr.Barun Kumar Nayak Dr.Barun Kumar Nayak,Dr.Deepak Bhatt
130 IC585 A to Z of Presbyopia Surgery for General Ophthalmologist Refractive Surgery -> Presbyopia K12027 Dr.Vardhaman Kankaria Dr.Shashi Kapoor,Dr.Anand Parthasarathy,Dr.Vardhaman Kankaria,Dr.Pravin Krishna V,Dr.Gaurav Luthra
131 IC586 Botulinum Toxin in Ophthalmology: Masterclass with Live Demo Orbit & Oculoplasty -> Lid conditions and their management N09428 Dr.Milind Naik Dr.AKSHAY NAIR,Dr.Milind Naik,Dr.Trapti Sharma
132 IC587 ROP- Screening and management of a preventable disease- All you wanted to know about it. Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others G03236 Dr.Gopal Lingam Dr.Parijat Chandra,Prof.Anand Vinekar,Prof.Mangat R Dogra,Dr.karobi rani lahiri,Dr.Muna Bhende,Dr.Gopal Lingam
133 IC588 Treatable Macular Disorders Vitreo Retinal Diseases -> Others V02902 Dr.Lalit Verma Dr.Raju S,Dr.Lalit Verma,Dr.Dinesh Talwar,Dr.Anand Rajendran,Dr.Mallika Goyal,Dr.Avnindra Gupta,Dr.Gopal S Pillai