Selected PP in Uvea

S.No PPNo Title Section Chief Author Presenting Author
1 FP14 Retinal vasculitis as a presenting sign of CLIPPERS Disease- first ever reported. Uvea DR.RICHA KAMAL DR.RICHA KAMAL
2 FP74 Acute zonal occult outer retinopathy (AZOOR) – Largest series from south India. Uvea DR.GAZAL PATNAIK DR.GAZAL PATNAIK
3 FP238 Association of vitamin D deficiency in patients with non infectious anterior uveitis. Uvea Dr. Payal Mukherji Dr. Payal Mukherji
4 FP261 Kyrieleis like plaques- atypical presentation of ocular Behcet’s disease Uvea DR. ROHIT BHANOT DR. ROHIT BHANOT
5 FP289 A rare case of toxoplasma retinochoroiditis masquerading as an isolated full thickness macular hole Uvea DR. HEMA V.K DR. HEMA V.K
7 FP795 Asymmetric and Incomplete Vogt Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome: Patient’s Perceptive Dilemma Uvea DR. PRIYANKA GANDHI DR. PRIYANKA GANDHI
8 FP842 Drug Induced Uveitis -A Case Report Uvea Dr. NEELAM SADHWANI Dr. NEELAM SADHWANI
9 FP1273 A case of tubercular choroidal abscess in Acute Placoid Multifocal Posterior Pigment Epitheliopathy Uvea Dr. THIRUMALESH M. B. DR. HARSHITA NAHATA
10 FP1299 Double Trouble – A case series of Concurrent HLA-B27 associated Uveitis and Tuberculous Uveitis Uvea DR. AASHNA DOSHI DR. AASHNA DOSHI
11 FP1402 Sequelae of immune retinitis Uvea Dr. THIRUMALESH M. B. Dr. THIRUMALESH M. B.
12 FP1452 Uveal effusion syndrome in a patient with short stature Uvea DR. ARKAPRAVA PRADHAN DR. ARKAPRAVA PRADHAN
13 FP1556 Role of multicolour imaging in post-fever retinitis involving posterior pole Uvea Dr. RAMESH VENKATESH Dr. RAMESH VENKATESH
14 FP1566 Posterior scleritis and its various presentations- a cause for diagnostic confusion Uvea DR. DEEPIKA MAKAM DR. DEEPIKA MAKAM
15 FP1713 SD & EDI-OCT Combo- To assess changes in uveitic chorioretinal pathologies before & after treatment Uvea Dr. NIKHIL JAIN Dr. NIKHIL JAIN
16 FP1906 Congenital Aniridia – Family connect Uvea DR. SWATI CHANDRAVANSHI DR. SWATI CHANDRAVANSHI
17 FP2147 JAK-2 inhibitors in ocular inflammations Uvea Dr. PADMAMALINI MAHENDRA DAS DR. AYUSHI MOHAPATRA
18 FP2241 A rare case of ocular brucellosis Uvea Dr. K.S.KUMAR Dr. K.S.KUMAR
19 FP2298 Pan uveitis following fall of caterpillar hair in the eye- A rare case of ophthalmia nodosum Uvea Dr. RADHIKA THUNDIKANDY Dr. RADHIKA THUNDIKANDY
20 FP2309 Can morphology of vitreous cells give a clue to the diagnosis??? Uvea Dr. PADMAMALINI MAHENDRA DAS DR. APEKSHA V SHETTIGAR